Welcome to ninja proxy

Ninja Proxy provides you with a free anonymous web based proxy servers that allows you to visit your favorite websites whether you are at work, home or school. such as Facebook, Youtube, Bebo, MySpace and Friendster, etc without leaving a trace.Our server is optimized for web proxy cache in order to get the best speed for each visits, however dut to the different area of the websites and visitors, if you feel the proxy is a bit slow for you, just choose another proxy listed at the left side of the page. ninjaproxy network includes several clustered servers located in both US and Euro.


Web Proxy List

Website URL Country State/Region Proxy Type Uptime%
http://kproxy.cc USUnited States Los Angeles glype 100%
http://videoproxy.us USUnited States Los Angeles glype 100%
http://school-proxy.net USUnited States Los Angeles glype 100%
http://freesslproxy.biz USUnited States California glype 95%
http://us-proxy.net CACanada Canada glype 88%
http://simpleproxy.net USUnited States California glype 99%
http://videoproxysites.com UKUnited Kingdom United Kingdom glype 98%